The ACLU and other radical, left-wing special-interest groups are suing North Carolina to create an extreme national mandate forcing women and young girls to share locker rooms and bathrooms with grown men.

Thank NC Governor Pat McCrory and Legislative Leaders for fighting to keep our children safe and passing a common-sense law to stop grown men from sharing locker rooms and bathrooms with young girls.

Sign your name to help North Carolina fight back and protect our children.

I Stand with Governor McCrory

The Facts about North Carolina’s House Bill 2

  • Protects Women and Young Girls from local laws and extreme groups trying to force them to use the same bathrooms and locker rooms as men
  • Protects Individual Rights by adding statewide anti-discrimination, safety, and privacy laws.
  • Protects Businesses and the Taxpayers from the overreach of radical local policies and implements statewide discrimination protections that are stronger than federal law.
Paid for by the North Carolina Republican Senatorial Committee and Authorized by Phil Berger.